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Brazil, the year is 2022 and believe me, I seem to be living a past told only in history books or related in a conversation with my father who is no longer with us.

How did we get to this civilizational gap?

In the previous editorial, I reported that it was for normalizing absurdities and I will continue to insist, until the end, STOP NORMALIZING ABSURDIES.

Brazil is the country that most kills LGBTQIA+ community IN THE WORLD, the legacy left in the Stonewall uprising in 1969 does not reflect at all on June 28 of that year, 53 years have passed and we’re still in 1969.

For greater clarity about what the 1969 uprising was, in the United States not being straight was a crime, that's right, CRIME. So, the people who committed this BARBARIC CRIME OF NOT BEING STRAIGHT (contains irony), met in a bar in New York called the STONEWALL INN; there they could be themselves, but every now and then the police would show up to do justice. A violent, aggressive and criminal justice.

On June 28, 1969, the police decided to make their usual raid: they invaded the bar and punched a Drag Queen out. They took her into a van and beat her. A group of people who were close to the bar, seeing the whole situation, didn't let it go. Fed up with so much humiliation and embarrassment, they faced the police for the right and freedom to be and exist.

On June 28, 1970, 10,000 people gathered to commemorate one year of the uprising, kicking off the modern LGBTQIA+ parades.

We normalize absurdities like homophobic speeches from people around us, we normalize abuses against the entire LGBTQIA+ community, we normalize speeches by a homophobic, sexist, racist, misogynist and sexist president¹.

It only reinforces the chorus of those who have the same type of criminal thinking and this type of "good citizen" needs to go back to the sewer.

The absence of effective public policies (education, health, employment, leisure) aimed at guaranteeing the dignity and protection of LGBTQIA+ people -especially the most vulnerable-, the absence of discussion on human rights, gender and gender identity in schools and spaces training and the advancement of fundamentalist discourse, contribute to these types of crimes.

We need to have the courage of Martin Boyce, who took the initiative with a group of people to stand up against the police in the Stonewall uprising of 1969. How many more Dandaras dos Santos do we need to lose to claim the obvious? How many more Marielles will be murdered?

LGBTQIA+ pride was not born from the need to celebrate being lesbian, gay, bi, trans or +, but from the right to exist without persecution, persecution made by many who support the current president², reinforced by himself.

There is a false political polarization on the part of the people, on the part of the press. This false symmetry is very dangerous since there are no two sides. When one side defends life and the other side kills, it's 1969.

¹talking about the current Brazilian president.

²of Brazil.

The opinion of the columnist is not necessarily an opinion of the Coletivo Sala Solidária.


Chris Kayo

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Vocalist of the band Mergulho and body piercer at Klash Tattoo

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